Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Labor of Love Part 3: Christ is Risen!

Christ is Risen!
Indeed He is Risen!

It's been a few days since an update. I have been hard at work painting even with Holy Week wrapping up and all of the festivities for Pascha. This is usually a difficult time of year for me. I am very busy with all of the services, especially since I have to chant at all of them. My duties with Parish Council have also added to the amount of work I have to do. And of course this is a busy time for commissions as well. Then this year I had an added bit of fun. On Friday about half an hour before I had to leave for Vespers, I lost my footing and almost sprained my ankle, but instead fell forward and slammed my sternum against the corner of a chair, slammed my arm against the wall, and my knee against the floor. Needless to say I was plenty sore by the time I was done with Church on Sunday afternoon. Now I am finally somewhat rested.

But despite all of that, I was very glad to have spent so much time at the Church celebrating the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ. On Saturday I was so moved by the thought that by Pascha of next year I will be married and able to celebrate the Resurrection with my wife. It has been a long time since I have been able to celebrate with someone that I love. My family has all moved away and none of them really go to Church much anymore, and I have felt this loss a lot over the years. There is something very sad about feeling alone when we are created to live in community and love. So I am very thankful that God has given this to me again, even if I have to wait a little bit longer.

Most of the time I was not in Church was spent with paint brush in hand. By Friday afternoon I had the faces finished, and the icon was looking almost done. Today I finished the lettering, all the rest of the trims, borders, and pinstriping, as well as the gold. It is all but finished now.

I still have to come up with something decotative to go at the bottom, and I am contemplating a painted pattern within the halos, but otherwise that icon is done. Tonight I started a drawing for the matching icon of Christ so that I can get started on that. But I had to try to finish the icon of the Theotokos because it is the same icon that we will be painting in the class in June, and we are going to use it for advertisements and brochures.

Now that I see it done, though, I am really starting to get excited about what this will look like when I am all finished with the other icons. I will be installing at least the first two when I go for the class in June. It should be such a big change from the prints that they have now. And everyone that Lisa has shown the pictures to has been thrilled. It makes me so happy to be able to do something nice for this group of people who has welcomed me with open arms and who will be my Church community soon.


Emily H. said...

Christ is Risen!

Wow, you've been making a lot of progress on that icon! (especially during Holy Week!!)I can't wait to see the icon of Christ that will accompany it. I hope you post a picture of them installed in Lisa's church when they're completed, too.

Best wishes on your Icon painting class. I would have loved to be there!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful icon, as expected! I always enjoy seeing your work. Sorry to hear about your fall.

Matthew Garrett said...

Indeed He is Risen!

Thank you both.

I have been making a lot of progress on these icons. I had forgotten what a blessing it is to work on something just for the joy of it. It makes the work go so much more quickly. I have the icon of Christ almost finished as well now, and should be posting pictures soon, once I get them off my camera. Since I have not been keeping up with that, I thought I might do a post of mostly pictures showing the progress.

I will make sure to post pictures of the installed icons. The current plan is to install the icons of Christ and the Theotokos in June a few days before the class begins. I may even have a third icon ready to go by then if all goes well.

And I am recovered from my injury. It was not something I am wanting to repeat any time soon, but I'm all better now...

-C said...

I look forward to seeing the pictures of your work in progress.