Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Time to jump in...

So this is the second blog that I have set up, and I have had it for days without using it. I don't particularly like the idea of having a blog because if what I write is boring, then it's not worth it for anyone else to read, and if what I write is interesting, I know I will only exult in the glory that is my magnificent writing. I don't really like either option too much. And yet it seems like you can't really call yourself a person unless you spill out your insides for everyone to see on some sort of electronic medium. And while I have a couple other sites, none of them is really an outlet for talking about the actual work of iconography. I use my website to showcase the finished work, and to write a little about the Saints depicted, but I rarely discuss what draws me to certain compositions, what I find compelling in the lives of the Saints, or what is going on in my spiritual life. So that's what I hope to do here. I can't guarantee it will be compelling reading, but I hope in some small way it can be edifying.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not a great theologian but I know a few things. One thing I know is: The desert fathers and mothers did not spring out of the world, into the desert, holy. They became that way over a long time, through community, through discussion, through sharing their burdens. That's what we Orthodox bloggers are doing. And ANYTHING you write, whether it is an icon, or a blog entry, is worth reading a thousand times over, to me. You are a blessing in my life that I did not deserve!

God bless you my feeble prayers for you in everything you do.

Much love to you in Christ,