Thursday, October 9, 2008

Some new prayer cards, hot off the presses

I just added a few more prayer cards to my zazzle site, and thought I would give a heads up to anyone reading. They are all linked to a page where you can order prints if you like. I am up to 92 different products there, and hope to keep adding as much as I can to make it a valuable resource for anyone looking for nice quality prints, hopefully without breaking the bank.

Saint Kyriaki Prayer Card postcard
Saint Kyriaki

Korsun Mother of God Prayer Card postcard
Korsun Mother of God

Saint Herman of Alaska Prayer Card postcard
Saint Herman of Alaska

Mourn Not For Me, Mother Prayer Card postcard
Mourn Not For Me, Mother


Chocolatesa said...

Ooh! they're beautiful! I'm gonna get ready and order a bunch soon. Thank you!
You wouldn't by any chance have painted an icon of St. Sarah yet?

Matthew Garrett said...

I haven't painted an icon of St. Sarah, but I need to. My Godmother's daughter has her as a patron saint, and I need to paint one for their family.

Chocolatesa said...

Really, well let me know when you do, I'll be sure to buy her icon!

The Hermit said...

Beautiful and edifying, Matthew!

Emily H. said...

Wow, those are lovely! The prices are unbelievable too!

If I may be so bold, I would love to see you do an icon of St. Emmilia (St. Emily).